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13 'Zootopia' Fan Theories That Make A Lot Of Sense

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For fans of this anthropomorphic noir, look no further to vote on your favorite Zootopia fan theories surrounding this Disney hit! In Disney's animated feature Zootopia, anthropomorphic animals inhabit the titular city without fear of the food chain. Long ago, an agreement was was made where the predators would no longer hunt the prey. However, something seems to have gotten into the predators and now it's up to new police officer Judy Hopps and her unlikely companion Nick Wilde to figure out why. With a cute-but-nuanced mythology, Zootopia leaves the door wide open for speculative fan theories. Some involve government corruption. Others profer the idea that Zootopia crosses over with other animated universes. There's even one that suggests Emmitt Otterton is a drug addict!

So check out all these Zootopia fan theories and vote up your favorites!

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    Flash Has a Lead Foot

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    In Zootopia's final scene, Flash the sloth is pulled over for speeding. It's a cute, cheeky joke because, you know, sloths are supposed to be slow. But Redditor /u/MrSchroedingerCat thinks this might be more of a physical impairment than a simple sight gag. The Redditor suggests that the reason Flash drives fast is because his foot moves very slowly, so once he pushes down on the accelerator it takes a long time to get it off and switch to the brake. Beyond the speeding, this theory sounds like it would also lead to a lot of blown stop signs.

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      The Vole Mafia Runs The Zootopia Police Force

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      We're told that the reason small mammals cannot join the Zootopia Police Department (at least until Judy does) is because of their size and strength. But if you ask Redditor /u/flagnut1, there's a much seedier force at work: the vole mafia controls the police force. The theory justifies this claim by suggesting that the powerful crime family has infiltrated the higher ups at the ZPD and convinced them to prohibit pint-sized officers. In doing so, there is no one small enough to police the voles and their criminal enterprise can carry on unchecked. The Redditor does point out, though, that this dynamic might be changing now that Judy has befriended Mr. Big!

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        The Rent In Zootopia Is Too Darn High

        Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

        This theory from Redditor /u/Ellikichi is a bit of an economics lesson. In short, it must be insanely expensive to live in Zootopia. The theorist breaks it down like this:

        Nick Wilde tells Judy that he makes 200 bucks a day, and he works seven days a week. That comes to $72,000/year. Not too shabby. However, poor Nick still lives under a bridge - essentially homeless. This could be a choice on his part, or it could be the result of personal issues that supersede his income, but it might also be that rent in Zootopia is astronomically high!

        Similarly, Judy (a police officer who probably makes at least $60,000/year) lives in a tiny, cramped studio apartment. For this to be the best she can afford, the estimated rent for such a dwelling probably comes to somewhere around $5,000/month!

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          Zootopia Has A Sinister Breeding Policy

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          The beauty and harmony of Zootopia is that predator and prey live alongside one another, with the latter able to live without fear of being eaten alive by the former. Unfortunately, this arrangement may come with some serious unforeseen consequences. In a theory shared by Redditor /u/TarantulaPets, Zootopia probably either has A) a serious population problem, or B) a horrifying government-run program that controls breeding. Regarding Scenario A, the Redditor notes that Judy Hopps talks to her parents about having 275 siblings. If predators could hunt prey, many of these poor brother and sister bunnies probaly wouldn't survive. But in Zootopia they will, which would certainly lead to rampant overpopulation and food scarcity. The only way to prevent this (Scenario B) would be for the government to control the population, ala a Margaret Atwood-esque version of China's One Child Policy. Without getting too graphic, this theory has a lot of animals "going away to a farm."

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