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Zootopia movie quotes follow one rookie cop looking to prove herself on the job in a land where animals rule. The animated adventure comedy was written by Jared Bush and Phil Johnson using a story they created with Byron Howard, who also directs, and Rich Moore. Released by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Zootopia opened in theaters on March 4, 2016.

In Zootopia, Officer Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) is the first bunny to be appointed to the Zootopia Police Department. After a failed arrest of criminal Duke Weaselton (voiced by Alan Tudyk), Hopps is placed on parking duty by Police Chief Bogo (voiced by Idris Elba). But Bogo gives her one chance to make it or break it, in finding the missing husband of Mrs. Otterton (voiced by Octavia Spencer).

So Officer Hopps teams up with an unlikely partner, con artist Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman) as Nick could be a key witness in the disappearance. The pair work to solve the case on an extremely tight deadline, something that brings them in contact with a number of fun characters (including voices by J.K. Simmons, Tommy Chong, Jenny Slate, Shakira, and Kristen Bell) and something that proves to be incredibly difficult.

Zootopia brought some animated fun to theaters which were already showing other films such as Triple 9, Gods of Egypt, Deadpool, Zoolander No. 2, and Hail, Caesar!.
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I Need You to Run a Plate

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Officer Judy Hopps: Uh, I need you to run a plate.
Nick Wilde: Flash is the fastest guy in there. He can run a plate like that.
Officer Judy Hopps: Wait, they're all sloths?
Nick Wilde: What, are you saying that because he's a sloth he can't be fast? ... Flash, Flash, 100-yard dash, it's nice to see you.
Flash: Nice... to... see you... too...
Officer Judy Hopps: Officer Judy Hopps, CPD, how are you?
Flash: I am... doing...
Officer Judy Hopps: Fine?
Flash: Well... What...
Nick Wilde: Hang in there.
Flash: Can I... do...
Officer Judy Hopps: Well I was hoping you could run a plate
Flash: For you...
Officer Judy Hopps: Well I was hoping you could
Flash: Today...
Officer Judy Hopps: Well I was hoping you could run a plate for us. We are in a really big hurry.
Flash: What's the...
Officer Judy Hopps: 29T
Flash: Number
Officer Judy Hopps: 29THD03
Flash: Two... nine... T
Officer Judy Hopps: HD03
Flash: H...
Officer Judy Hopps: D03
Flash: D...
Officer Judy Hopps: Mmmhmm, 03
Flash: Zero...
Officer Judy Hopps: Three!
Nick Wilde: Hey Flash, want to hear a joke?
Officer Judy Hopps: No!
Flash: Sure
Nick Wilde: What do you call a three-humped camel?
Flash: I don't... know...
Nick Wilde: Pregnant
Flash: Ha... Ha... Ha...
Officer Judy Hopps: Haha, yes, very funny! Can we please just focus on the task?
Flash: Hey...
Officer Judy Hopps: Wait, wait, wait!
Flash: Pricilla...
Pricilla: Yes... Flash...
Flash: What... do... you call...
Officer Judy Hopps: A three-humped camel? Pregnant!
Flash: Three
Officer Judy Hopps: Okay, great, we got it!
Flash: Humped...
Officer Judy Hopps: Hurry! We've gotta beat the rush hour! And it's night!?

When Officer Hopps needs to trace a license plate, she and Nick head to the DMV. Similar to real life, that simple task takes forever as the office is literally staffed with sloths.
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Not Just Some Token Bunny

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Chief Bogo: This is priority one! ... Hopps, parking duty.
Officer Judy Hopps: Sir, I'm not just some token bunny.
Chief Bogo: You strike out, you resign.
Officer Judy Hopps: Deal!

Officer Hopps is not entertained when Chief Bogo assigns her to parking duty. She yearns for more in the job and Bogo gives her one chance to prove herself or leave the profession.
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Assistant Mayor of Zootopia

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Nick Wilde: So fluffy!
Officer Judy Hopps: Hey!
Nick Wilde: She would never let me get this close!
Officer Judy Hopps: You can't just touch a sheep's wool!
Nick Wilde: It's like cotton candy.
Officer Judy Hopps: Stop it!
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: Where to?
Officer Judy Hopps: Uh, Rainforest District
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: There's traffic cams for the whole city. Well, this is so exciting actually. I mean, well, you know, I never get to do anything this important.
Officer Judy Hopps: You're the Assistant Mayor of Zootopia.
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: Oh, I'm more of a glorified secretary. I think Mayor Lionheart just wanted the sheep vote, but he did give me that nice mug!
Officer Judy Hopps: Oh
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: It feels good to be appreciated.
Mayor Lionheart: Smellwether!
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: Oh, that's a fun little name that he likes to use. I called him Lionfart once. He did not care for that. Let me tell you, it was not a good day for me. Yes, sir?
Mayor Lionheart: I thought you were going to cancel my afternoon.
Assistant Mayor Bellwether: Oh dear, I better go. Let me know what you find. It was really nice for me to be...
Mayor Lionheart: While we're young, Smellwether!
Nick Wilde: Do you think when she goes to sleep she counts herself?
Officer Judy Hopps: Oh shush!

A quick ask for help of Assistant Mayor Bellwether from Officer Hopps and Nick Wilde turns a bit too real too fast. Between the mean nicknames, the disrespect from Mayor Lionheart and the sheep jokes, the meeting gets awkward.
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Poor Little Bunny

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Officer Judy Hopps: Excuse me, down here, hi.
Clawhauser: Oh M goodness, they really did hire a bunny! What? You are even cuter than I thought you'd be!
Officer Judy Hopps: Oooh, uh, you probably didn't know but a bunny can call another bunny cute but when other animals do it, it's a little...
Clawhauser: I am so sorry! Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everyone thinks is just a flabby donut-loving cop, stereotyping you.
Officer Judy Hopps: That's okay. Oh, you've actually got, you've actually got, there's a...
Clawhauser: A what?
Officer Judy Hopps: In your neck, there's
Clawhauser: There you went, you little dickens!
Officer Judy Hopps: I should get to roll call. So which way do I?
Clawhauser: Oh, bullpen's over there to the left.
Officer Judy Hopps: Great, thank you!
Clawhauser: Aww, that poor little bunny's going to get eaten alive.

Proper interactions between species and stereotyping are just two of the topics discussed when Officer Hopps meets Clawhauser. On the bright side, if you've never seen an obese cheetah who loses donuts in his rolls, this is your chance.
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