#1 Michael J. Fox on The Greatest '80s Teen Stars #2 Hugh Jackman on Famous Actors Who Were Almost James Bond #9 Richard Dreyfuss on The Best Short Actors

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23 reranks The Top Casting Choices for the Next James Bond Actor #1 Aidan Turner
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#2 Theo James
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#5 Idris Elba
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39 reranks The Best Oscar-Winning Actor Performances, Ranked #1 Forrest Gump
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#2 Andrew Beckett
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#3 The Joker
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41 reranks The Best Marvel Movie Actors Ever #1 Robert Downey Jr.
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#2 James McAvoy
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#3 Hugh Jackman
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20 reranks The Greatest Black Actresses of All Time #1 Angela Bassett
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#2 Viola Davis
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#3 Halle Berry
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