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#9 Thor on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time #2 Joker on The Best Characters from Batman Comics #4 Hulk on The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time
#5 of 33 Batman Returns is rising on All Batman Movies List: Ranked from Best to Worst #17 of 116 Mister Sinister is rising on The Greatest Marvel Villains & Enemies Ever #3 of 643 Doctor Doom is falling on The Best Comic Book Villains #6 of 54 Death is rising on The Best Villains Deadpool Has Ever Faced

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38 reranks The Best Batman Villains Ever #1 Joker
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#2 Riddler
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#3 Scarecrow
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22 reranks Comic Book Characters We Want to See on Film #1 Carnage
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#2 Venom
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#3 Gambit
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66 reranks The Best Female Comic Book Characters #1 Wonder Woman
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#2 Rogue
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#3 Storm
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129 reranks The Top Marvel Comics Superheroes #1 Spider-Man
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#2 Wolverine
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#3 Thor
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