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#12 Heidi Montag on The Worst People in the History of Reality TV #7 Evel Dick Donato on The Best Big Brother Contestants of All Time #5 James Earl Jones on The Best Actors to Start Their Careers on Soaps
#1 of 12 David Tennant is rising on The Best Doctors of Doctor Who #6 of 74 Jimmy Fallon is falling on The Most Successful Saturday Night Live Alumni #4 of 48 Mike Myers is falling on The Best SNL Cast Members of the '80s #2 of 13 Dan Aykroyd is falling on The Best SNL Cast Members of the '70s

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36 reranks The Best TV Actors of All Time #1 Bryan Cranston
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#2 Lucille Ball
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#3 Robin Williams
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28 reranks Vote For the Best Bachelor of All Time #1 Sean Lowe
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#6 Alex Michel
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#8 Andrew Firestone
69 reranks The Best Reality Show Judges #1 Howie Mandel
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#2 Simon Cowell
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#3 Adam Levine
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33 reranks TV Shows with the Hottest Casts #1 The Vampire Diaries
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#2 Game of Thrones
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#3 Charmed
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