#12 of 12 Arianna Huffington is falling on Political Wives Who Overshadowed Their Husbands #2 of 14 Arlen Specter is rising on The Most Popular Democrats That Were Once Republicans #3 of 18 Aaron Burr is falling on The Most Useless US Vice Presidents #15 of 39 Amy Tuck is falling on The Most Influential Republicans Who Were Once Democrats #10 of 15 Andrew Jackson is rising on The Best Two-Term U.S. Presidents
43 reranks Famous Politicians You'd Want to Have a Beer With #1 George W. Bush
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#2 Barack Obama
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#3 Bill Clinton
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35 reranks The Greatest U.S. Vice Presidents of All Time #1 Theodore Roosevelt
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#2 Thomas Jefferson
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#6 Joe Biden
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59 reranks The Most Important Leaders in U.S. History #1 George Washington
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#2 Benjamin Franklin
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#3 Thomas Jefferson
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213 reranks The Greatest Minds of All Time #1 Leonardo da Vinci
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#2 Isaac Newton
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#3 Galileo Galilei
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