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In the year 1912, Frohlich made its first Grand Piano which was for one of the richest people in Germany. As the work was well-recognized by the Famous Piano Artists, Frohlich Pianos soon became "A Wise Choice" for the Pianists and the upcoming Piano Students.

The Piano Technicians in Frohlich were very skilled and had a deep understanding of Touch & Sound, so later in the years, Frohlich started making Upright Pianos at a very competent price.

Being affordable, Frohlich Pianos never lacked the Superior Touch & Heart Warming Cheerful Sound, as "Frohlich" itself means "Cheerful".

Following the legacy of the name, Frohlich still surprises musicians with its vast variety of musical instruments[Guitars, Electronic Keyboards, Drums, Brass & Orchestra Instruments, Wind Instruments & Strings Instruments] by focusing majorly on the instruments "Touch" & "Sound".

We promise to serve the Musical Industry the same way as we did a century ago & continue the legacy of Frohlich.

- Frohlich Team