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About Author or website: Yasmine Kateb is a child of creative energy and has the eye of beauty. Whether it is fashion shots to wedding photos, Yasmine will create a platform of comfort for you to feel at your best. Yasmine believes that everyone has their own way of displaying beauty and she strives with each shot to capture it. By combining her own unique style of high end fashion and extreme professionalism, Yasmine Katebs professionalism will take your image to a world of confident heights.
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  1. Fashion Photographer

    Fashion Photographer

    In time for the wedding season, wedding, portrait and fashion photographer Yasmine Kateb has announced the grand opening of her photography studio ‘Neil Jou ...
  2. The Best Photography Portfolio

    The Best Photography Portfolio

    During our visit to Yasmine Kateb's photo studio, she also displayed her online portfolio located on her new website . Press reporters ...
  3. Models Photography Portfolio!

    Models Photography Portfolio!

    Each person with a camera has his or her own style of photography be it contemporary lifestyle portraiture, couples fashion photography, wedding photography, ...
  4. Fashion Photography Houston

    Fashion Photography Houston

    The studio specializes in contemporary lifestyle portraiture, wedding photography, Fashion photography and glamour photography, modelling photography and ...
  5. Wedding Photographer Houston!

    Wedding Photographer Houston!

    Yasmine Kateb’s photo studio also serves as a client gallery showcasing a variety of framed pieces, canvas gallery wraps, and custom designed albums. Yasmine Kateb ...
  6. Grand Opening of Yasmine Kateb Photography Studio!

    Grand Opening of Yasmine Kateb Photography Studio!

    Yasmine Kateb is also full of complimentary decor ideas on displaying artwork at the client’s home. We had a fantastic time chatting with Yasmine Kateb – a persona ...