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CB and SOOS Show

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The CB and Soos Show features two 90’s kids talking about anything and everything for your entertainment. Our famous segments include “Tell Me Why” and “Game Time WOO!” where we cover the fluff news segments of the week and play mini games. If you just want a podcast that’s relatively short, keeps the power of positivity alive, gives you a break from the daily grind, and possibly a few laugh, give us shot.


We record each show in South Bend Indiana, the city we were born and raised in. We met back in 1992 during kindergarten, but didn't become friends until the following year in 1st grade. During that year we would become best friends when we bumped into each other at Pizza Hut, where we were both playing Street Fighter and turning in our BOOK IT slips. As each grade passed we became bro's for life, winning the award, "Most Likely To Be Friends In 10 Years" in high school, and even attending the same University and receiving our Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Which brings us to starting The CB and Soos Show and giving everyone a peak into a lifelong friendship and growing with us as we try to turn this podcast into a successful one.