Christian Krauspe

Christian Krauspe

N. Hollywood, California
I write funny things. Or I try to write funny things.
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  1. 10 Plays You Never Want to Miss

    10 Plays You Never Want to Miss

    Know a little about theatre but have a bad taste in your mouth from your english teacher shoving "The Miracle Worker" down your throat? If you're a ...
  2. 10 Ideal "Deadliest Warrior" Match-ups.

    10 Ideal "Deadliest Warrior" Match-ups.

    If you love watching "Deadliest Warrior" as much as I do, then you're probably going over and over in your head about who your fantasy battle-royal would ...
  3. 10 Movie Douche Bags

    10 Movie Douche Bags

    Ever see a character in a movie that makes your skin crawl? (Thats called "douche chills") A character that makes you wish very bad things happened to ...