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  1. +vote Astro Utility Softwares

    Astro Utility Softwares

    26 votes
    Astro utilities are tools used by astrophotographers to perform a variety of tasks. From improving mount performance to analyzing telescope image quality.
  2. +vote Astro Auto-Guiding Softwares

    Astro Auto-Guiding Softwares

    13 votes
    Auto-guiding softwares are use to automatically keep a telescope pointed at an object being photographed. Which ones exists and which ones are the most ...
  3. +vote Astro Imaging Softwares

    Astro Imaging Softwares

    30 votes
    Astro Imaging softwares are use to control astrophotography equipment like cameras, focusers, telescope mounts, etc. to capture astronomical images. Which ...
  4. +vote Astro Image Processing Softwares

    Astro Image Processing Softwares

    39 votes
    Astronomical images are processed using specialized softwares.Open source, freeware, commercial softwares are available.Which ones exists and which ones are the ...
  5. +vote Astro Planetarium Softwares

    Astro Planetarium Softwares

    29 votes
    Planetarium softwares simulate sky on a computer. They can display sky charts, render views of the sky and control telescopes. Which ones exists and ...
  6. +vote Astro Telescopes

    Astro Telescopes

    26 votes
    Telescopes are the "lens" you put in front of your camera to capture astronomical objects. What are the manufacturers and which ones are the most ...
  7. +vote Astro Observatory Control Softwares

    Astro Observatory Control Softwares

    14 votes
    Observatory control softwares are use to control and automate the hardware and software at an observatory. Including telescopes, cameras, autoguiders, focusers, ...
  8. +vote Astro Telescope Mounts

    Astro Telescope Mounts

    20 votes
    Telescope mounts support, track and guide your telescope.Altzimut, German Equatorial, etc. What are the manufacturers and which ones are the most popular? ...
  9. +vote Astro Cemeras

    Astro Cemeras

    32 votes
    Astro Cameras records images of astronomical objects for fun or scientific purposes. DSLR, CCD, CMOS. What are the manufacturers and which ones are the ...