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What we do:
We make lists. All kinds of lists. You can vote on our lists. We make custom lists, funny lists, sexy lists, silly lists. Businesses can sponsor our lists. We can make custom groups of lists.

Why Lists?
Because people love lists that they can vote on. We use Ranker.com to create our lists. The trick is creating niche targeted lists (for example lists about specific things on college campuses). This creates targeted traffic and creates a really friendly place to advertise.

Sponsorships & Custom List Creation!

The power of lists is that people like to read them. Ranker.com is a great place to make any list that you want. Some lists become popular. What we found is that niche targeted lists tend to attract niche targeted people. An easy target are colleges since every college student has their favorite hangouts, local sports heroes, social clubs, teachers and more. We make lists out of them.

Can you make lists like this yourself? Of course you can but why not hire us to do it for you. Some of our lists have tens of thousands of views and thousands of voters.

We also have this pretty cool website and an interactive flyer called RankStuff that we promote on all of the lists that we create. We make a new flyer every month and feature some of our favorite lists. You can sponsor the flyer and have a permanent home on that issue.