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  1. Curing Cancer Clinic

    Curing Cancer Clinic

    In addition to the Silver Iontophoresis electromedical treatment for infections, we have developed an individualizable, combined electromedical and ...
  2. Alternative Therapies for Cancer

    Alternative Therapies for Cancer

    Ancient and traditional health curing cancer and medical approaches dealt with most or all of these things. Modern conventional oncology does not. The World Health ...
  3. Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation

    Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation

    MicroCurrent, which is very different to the electrical stimulation of TENS machines, using far smaller currents, has some extremely useful effects on tissue ...
  4. Viral Infection Alternative Treatment

    Viral Infection Alternative Treatment

    Though we cannot and disclaim our use of the word “cure” for the logical reason that cure can really only be assessed based on any recurrences at the end of an ...