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  1. +vote 20 Simple Autumn Pleasures

    20 Simple Autumn Pleasures

    69 votes
    Autumn is the time of year when the world tells us profoundly that it is time for it to take its yearly rest. As with every season, Autumn gives us many pleasures.
  2. +vote 15 Wonderful Things About Winter

    15 Wonderful Things About Winter

    62 votes
    Winter is a wonderful season that brings many things to enjoy. Crisp, cold nights with stars and a moon ; blizzard days where a thousand brilliant snowflakes fall ...
  3. +vote The 10 Best Summer Pies

    The 10 Best Summer Pies

    51 votes
    Pies are wonderful. They are plates full of love and delicious memories that you can taste! While there are countless delicious, these are my top 10 favorite ...
  4. +vote 10 Springtime Pleasures

    10 Springtime Pleasures

    24 votes
    There are many reasons to love Spring. These are just a few of them. 
  5. +vote The Best Sick-Time Snacks

    The Best Sick-Time Snacks

    20 votes
    Being sick is no fun. It takes some time to heal. The right foods especially can help you get better, faster. Here are some of the best. If you see something ...
  6. +vote 10 Samhain Pleasures

    10 Samhain Pleasures

    25 votes
    The one night of the year Pagans the world over receive blessing to contact their deceased so that they may be honored. Hence why it just may be the most popular ...
  7. +vote 15 Wonderful Things About Summer

    15 Wonderful Things About Summer

    37 votes
    Summer brings to mind many things desirable. While there are thousands of reasons to love the worlds most active season, here are my top 15.
  8. +vote 10 Halloween Pleasures

    10 Halloween Pleasures

    23 votes
    Halloween is such a fun time! Going out for treats, going to a party, and dressing up have all been a part of the fun.
  9. +vote The Worst Possible Moments To Get Diarrhea

    The Worst Possible Moments To Get Diarrhea

    75 votes
    We all know diarrhea is one of the worst stomach afflictions one can get. It can be caused by any number of things. I have begun the list of the worst possible ...