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Hendrik van der Velde

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Welcome to FDRadio. We are working hard to get this site online. With updates, concerts, festivals, Top 40 from three countries in Europe. How this is going to take place were still working out. There is still a lot of work to be done. With RJ’s, news, interviews with artist, charts and a shop where you can buy your favorite songs. It is a ambitious plan, focused on the young and talented in music and everything around it. In the coming year we hope to have at least one studio operational and exclusive material from concerts and festival direct and live. FDRadio is a foundation so the major part is done by volunteers. People who can spear a few hours a week and are wiling to give a 100% of there dedication to are project. Were based in Spain, but that doesn´t mean that you can´t help. There is always something todo even if it is data prosing, update website, legal letters, take your pick and that all from your home. If you got this far reading then something sprang out of the text that you liked. Send us e-mail at info@flyingdutchmanradio.com

Our website is http://fdr.rocks although Ranker does not think so.

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