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  1. +vote The "Bestest" Slice-Of-Life Anime

    The "Bestest" Slice-Of-Life Anime

    33 votes
    アニメが大好き!I love anime! Hey. This list compiles of all my favorite slice-of-life anime so far. Please feel free to suggest more anime series as my repertoire of ...
  2. +vote The Best RPG Soundtracks

    The Best RPG Soundtracks

    99 votes
    I know I have not included a LOT of soundtracks in which are more than deserving to be included in this list, so please feel free to add any extra suggestions.
  3. +vote Greatest TV Scores Throughout History

    Greatest TV Scores Throughout History

    27 votes
    In a time where the small screen in gorged with tv shows of innovation ,technical marvel and plain-and-simple pleasure, music in television, with the ...