Indian Rock

Indian Rock

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Indian Independent music artist promoter and supporter.Help create and find platforms for alternative pop, alternative rock, global, sufi, rock music, gazals
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  1. 2rerank The Most Disturbing Films/Movies

    2 my rerank of The Most Disturbing Films/Movies

  2. The Top Indian Bands

    The Top Indian Bands

    An Open List with a few popular Indian bands. Kindly contribute and add bands we may have missed to this list
  3. +vote The Top Indian Guitarists, Ranked

    The Top Indian Guitarists, Ranked

    246 votes
    Not in Any Order as one should not and cannot compare musicians/Guitarists!
  4. +vote Amazing Indian Music Videos

    Amazing Indian Music Videos

    21 votes
    An Open list with a few good Indian music videos. Kindly add and contribute -incase we missed out a few!
  5. The Top Indian Rock Albums

    The Top Indian Rock Albums

    Yes! Non-Bollywood Music exists in India and if you are a serious listener/supporter of the Indian music scene-These 10 Albums/EP's are a MUST HAVE!
  6. The Top Indian Rock Vocalists

    The Top Indian Rock Vocalists

    A List of Top 10 Rock Vocalists or at least people who started out as Rock Vocalists before landing on 'Greener Pastures"(Bollywood), from India.These guys ...
  7. Great Indian Drummers

    Great Indian Drummers

    1 votes
    The best we have known and seen- Please feel free to contribute to this list if we may have missed a few big names out there!