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  1. Use of NoFollow Links

    Use of NoFollow Links

    Why are so many nofollow link in anywhere website? The answer nofollow link helps to protect the content from spam by spam bots. Of course, nofollow link can’t ...
  2. Why most web developer likes PHP?

    Why most web developer likes PHP?

    The reason is the server site scripting language is very easy to study and understand. This web programming is English language like Visual Basic but the coding is ...
  3. Spambot


    This is the main and too oldest issue in SEO since Yahoo and MSN have Search Engine. Many webmaster use that tool to spam the other site and search to build huge ...
  4. Internet Security

    Internet Security

    This is main issue for Business and IT Industry. Internet Security is the most important to protect the information against hacker and malicious ware. During later ...
  5. Reason for Having an E-Commerce Site

    Reason for Having an E-Commerce Site

    We are living today in a Modern Time. Today is an Computer Age because most of the business today needs a computer to lessen their task, gives more convenient to ...
  6. Why Content?

    Why Content?

    This is the one of the major important task for being SEO Specialist. Not just build a backlink to increase the ranking of a website also updating a content by ...
  7. Database Software

    Database Software

    Database is an application software which contain of all records and information. This environment database is also a handles all tables with a key relationship.
  8. Traffic


    How important the traffic in SEO? Traffic is very important because they can be source of money for each click and visit the website. This is a big challenge for ...
  9. Google Bombing

    Google Bombing

    This is the most controversial blackhat technique in SEO. Actually this is the most dangerous and too risk technique because there is law that will punish for SEO ...
  10. Important Reminders for Article Submission

    Important Reminders for Article Submission

    When I read those are article. There are many errors the content in terms of SEO, that's why their targeting keywords doesn't rank and become uninterested content ...
  11. Important Reminders in SEO

    Important Reminders in SEO

    Here some most important in SEO because most of them are didn’t follow the Terms Of Agreement by Google. Let Me explain those important reminders