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Jacques Rosas is the founder of his legendary Art Studio, "Shop Studios," in New York City and The New York Museum of Contemporary Art

Known for political and street art, abstract expressionism, pop art and fine art.  But, perhaps better known for the discovery, while collaborating with film and TV productions shooting on his stages, that releasing the rights for his works added color and texture in shoots where productions, especially network magazine shows, were barred from the use of nearly all other art because of copy right fears. The results have been an explosive boom in exposure allowing Rosas to reach millions of eyes every week. A number that keep growing as these shows, films and broadcast run for years and decades even, likley making him the worlds most exsposed living artist. Through the Museum he is working to bring this good fortune to other artists in 2017.

Rosas studied The Art Students League and the Fine Arts Society in New York City and at The Academie de la Grande Chamerire in Paris France. 

His works are on permanent exhibition at The New York Museum of Contemporary Art and Rosas continues to create and sell out of his gallery.