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  1. Weight Loss Side Effects

    Weight Loss Side Effects

    There are many brands of supplements, pills and drops weight loss. Most of people are trying all weight loss brand. Not all of them are effective of compatible to ...
  2. What is core training?

    What is core training?

    If someone were to ask me which muscle group in your entire body you could work to get the maximum benefits in the least amount of time, I would tell you it’s ...
  3. HCG and Carnitine

    HCG and Carnitine

    There many supplement for weight loss, beside of that most of company advertise the weight loss product like soap, tablet, cosmetics, drops, capsule and ...
  4. Causes of Obesity

    Causes of Obesity

    I research and gathered some information about the cause of being obesity. I ask some people, reading the health article and looking the nutrition facts that may ...
  5. A salt for your diet

    A salt for your diet

    A low salt diet is an efficient way for many people in lowering their blood pressure. Generally, the higher a persons’ salt level the higher a person’s blood ...
  6. How to lose weight

    How to lose weight

    A great way to lose weight is actually quite simple. You have to go after a personalized fat loss nutrition plan and amplify your physical activity.
  7. Diet Meal Plan

    Diet Meal Plan

    This is most important to us to control our meal, why? Because we should avoid the ailments or diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart attack.
  8. Kickboxing as a fitness workout

    Kickboxing as a fitness workout

    At times referred to as "The Deadly Art", Muay Thai Kick Boxing is the nationwide sport of Thailand.
  9. Homeopathic HCG versus Xenical

    Homeopathic HCG versus Xenical

    Let's discuss about the weight loss treatment. There are many weight loss ads in media like television, radio, newspaper and billboard.
  10. Effect of alcohol in training

    Effect of alcohol in training

    The harmful side of alcohol can reduce your strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity, ability to metabolize fat, and even your muscle growth as well.