Liz Siegel

Liz Siegel

Los Angeles, State of Denial - United States

Born in New York City, raised in Los Angeles and currently living in a state of denial, Liz caught the writing bug and satirical sense of humor from her father, an Emmy award- winning comedy writer. Armed with a useless BA in Art History and Sociology from UCLA, she headed straight for Hollywood where she has written and produced countless commercials, promos, documentaries and behind-the-scenes content for film and Television She’s also worked with (and interviewed) tons of celebrities from A to D-list, and could tell you some hilarious OMFG stories, but you’d have to buy her a drink first.  In addition to entertainment, Liz is a big fan of art, politics, pop culture and travel (she’s been to every continent except Antarctica but has never been to a red state.) She’s also an avid fan of all forms of anti-social media, which means anything involving paper and real human contact (but not in an ironic, old timey way.)  She is trying to write this in that quirky, flippant bio voice that is so 21st Century, but is probably failing epically.

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