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I live with Alex Tomasino, i get misty during romantic comedies, my socks never match, i like my clothes pretty tight, my middle name is Robert, i'm easy to talk to, i talk a lot, i'm often told i'm arrogant, people often say my first AND last name when referring to me, i love music it's the only purely positive and reliable part of life, i think sea otters and hedgehogs are the cutest creatures on earth, i'm the only one of my friends next to aaron and BRAD MEAD who likes the beach, i'm really forgetful, i really like staying up really late/all night, but love going to sleep early, i live with Alex, i make terrible cookies, i really actually seriously enjoy watching the sunset/sunrise, i'm kind of easy, i smell good, i'm great at small talk but hate it, i'm actually really honest, i was bored while writing this and see that as a valid excuse for its length, the exorcist scares the living shit out of me, my weight/fat content/complexion/mood fluctuate all the time but are always essentially the same, i think jason mann is the cleanest person i've ever met, he is also the cleanest person you have ever met (if you have), at first everyone thinks i'm gay, i'm not, seriously, i'm just friendly, i work in marketing now, but i used to be really politically active: raised 30k for dnc was flown to florida and other things blah blah blah, i really like hugs, i will kick your ass at marvel vs. capcom 2 and possibly Halo, i guess i'm a geek, i don't play guitar as much as i used to, but know i should, i'm still really proud that i was drum major of the marching band (see?), i spend most of my time on my computer or out thinking about what i need to look up on my computer, gay, i live with alex tomasino, i used to adore but now ardently hate dashboard confessional, i think i have nice hands, my car is always filthy, but still always apologize for it for some reason, my bed is three futons on the floor with a memory foam matress pad, your parents will love me and i will love them back, i often make friends with girls it never really goes any further than that (aka i'm regular), i enjoy red meat, i'm pretty short, but don't really care b/c my mom's 4'11 and i'm lucky i got this far, i talk a lot, i'm good looking for the most part, i'm alright, oh yeah and i often come off as gay, which is most likely because i live with alex tomasino.
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