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The MEC Systems LLC sump pump controller is intended to control irrigation of residential property by using water from the home’s foundation drainage and basement sump pump systems, in areas where the water tables are high enough to provide sufficient volume and flow. Individuals, businesses and all levels of government are interested in alternative water supply as droughts and increased demand is straining our existing capacity. The US relies mainly on surface and ground water sources. There are also less well known alternative sources of water supply, some of which date back to ancient times that are experiencing a resurgence.

Address : 2510 S. Telegraph Rd. Ste. L-222, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Phone : 248-212-0146

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    MEC Systems LLC

    You may be able to save hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars a year. If you live in an area with high water tables, you may be able to use the water under ...