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  1. +vote The Best Rock Albums

    The Best Rock Albums

    305 votes
    This list tries to be objective but it's quite impossible when you talk about art!
  2. +vote The Best West Coast Rappers

    The Best West Coast Rappers

    37 votes
  3. +vote The Best Hip Hop Producers

    The Best Hip Hop Producers

    413 votes
    except pure musical gifts I think longevity,integrity & constancy are essential parts of a good beatmaker...this list is a try to pay dues to all the great ...
  4. +vote The Best Soul-Funk Artists

    The Best Soul-Funk Artists

    931 votes
    A medley of my own with some of the most influential black musicians & singers
  5. +vote The Best Underground Rappers

    The Best Underground Rappers

    16 votes
  6. +vote The Best

    The Best

    692 votes
    Greatest MC's from the 90's
  7. +vote The Best Slayer Album

    The Best Slayer Album

    329 votes
    Rank the entire discograhy of probably the best metal band in the world
  8. +vote The Best Hip Hop Crew

    The Best Hip Hop Crew

    132 votes
    Some of these groups of artists (sometimes just on the same label or produced by the same beatmakers) were influential at their time...