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  1. 100 Favorite Holiday Recipes

    100 Favorite Holiday Recipes

    We all look forward to enjoying the holidays... Who doesn't, right? Simply having a great time and definitely not missing out on really good food! However, this is ...
  2. Healthy Eating Diet Plans

    Healthy Eating Diet Plans

    The shortfall of 200 calories would be met by burning fat. Remember in diet control for weight loss, the magic calorie deficit figure is 200.
  3. Diabetes Weight Management

    Diabetes Weight Management

    Many of us have had a weight problem ever since our childhood days and often times, a nasty nickname given to us when in school has as a way of fueling our ...
  4. Family Health: Stop Childhood Obesity

    Family Health: Stop Childhood Obesity

    Our love for our kids has no bounds. We want to see them happy – a dazzling smile on their face warms our hearts no end. In their happiness lies our own and the ...
  5. Healthy Eating Breakfast

    Healthy Eating Breakfast

    These cookies can be baked and stored for a quick but healthy breakfast for those times when you are in a rush.
  6. Veggie Salad Recipe

    Veggie Salad Recipe

    Here, we have offered delicious and quick to prepare vegetable recipes. Try the ones you like. Send us great veggie recipes you have prepared and we will test and ...
  7. Serving Sizes of Food

    Serving Sizes of Food

    It can be a real challenge remembering all the most current nutritional guidelines, let alone applying them. But what if you were able to simplify - to have all ...
  8. Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

    Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

    All human activity requires energy. For this reason USDA has recommended that an average adult (even if doing nothing more than tapping a touch screen or pushing ...
  9. Weight Loss Programs

    Weight Loss Programs

    Almost all weight loss programs deprive you of a balanced diet leading to imbalances within the body. A weight loss program does not tackle the reason for ...
  10. Tips on Eating Healthy

    Tips on Eating Healthy

    Stock your refrigerator with fresh berries, salads, and yogurt. If your kids love those colorful but harmful factory made popsicles, you can make them at home by ...
  11. Healthy Eating with Diabetes

    Healthy Eating with Diabetes

    The best, safest and easiest way to control your blood sugar is to include adequate serving of high fiber food in your daily diet.
  12. Eating Out Healthy

    Eating Out Healthy

    When you eat out at restaurants or fast food joints, you are eating food that is convenient, filling and tasty too. Of course, it is sometimes junk food and not a ...