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Christopher Visser is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in small business strategies, eBooks, online community outreach and affiliate marketing. His latest business venture is, This is a website dedicated to finding, listing and linking you to the top 3 products, companies, and websites of your particular interest. Hence their slogan, "All Top 3, For All Your Needs." All Top 3 not only lists the Top 3 items, but it also offers you buying guides with pictures and videos, consumer reviews, lets you know what to look for, what to avoid, price comparison and more!
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  1. +vote Travel Sites Reviews

    Travel Sites Reviews

    11 votes
    Finally, after all the wedding planning, clothing fittings, family drama, cold feet, you have overcome it all and are officially married. You have kissed the bride ...
  2. +vote

    4 votes
    Online shopping industry has seen massive growth in the past few years as it gives customers access to a wide variety of products. But before making a decision, ...
  3. +vote The Top 3 Baby Food Brands

    The Top 3 Baby Food Brands

    4 votes
    Our hectic lifestyles do not permit us to spend time traveling to the local clothes or electronics store to make purchases. No doubt, a brick and mortar store will ...
  4. +vote The Top 3 Craft Stores Online

    The Top 3 Craft Stores Online

    4 votes
    Today, we do almost everything online, and that includes shopping as well. Whether it is purchasing essentials, personal products or artifacts, online shopping is ...
  5. The Top Pet Stores Online

    The Top Pet Stores Online

    Does Spike need a new chew toy? Or how about a scratching post for your cat Simba? Or perhaps a new water filter to keep Nemo's fish tank clean? There are a ...
  6. +vote How to Jump Higher

    How to Jump Higher

    7 votes
    If a person is trying to use the exercise and equipment to increase their vertical leap, they need to pay attention to their body. If the lower leg muscles are ...
  7. +vote Ergonomic Keyboard

    Ergonomic Keyboard

    4 votes
    Ever since the invention and popularization of computers people who spend more time using them, for one reason or another, have been complaining of chronic pains ...