Fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about and what we enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented soy wax melt that are available in 51 different scents – combining different scents together allows you to make your own custom blend. Not only can you put them in a warmer, you can make a candle with them, so burn them however you want! We also carry beautiful warmers, lotions and reed diffusers. All of our sprinkles, soaks and lotions are made here in the USA!

Sprinkles is our signature product. They are soy based wax pellets (that means they are non-toxic!) and come in a variety of scents to mix and match to make a customized sprinkle mix that is uniquely yours. You sprinkle them on top of candles, in warmers, or you can make your own candle with them. Check out our simmering lights collection to bring fragrance and style to your home easily. Change décor? No problem, just change the shade, no new warmer needed.


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    Top Favorite Pink Zebra Shades!

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    Pink Zebra is a home fragrance company that allows you to personalize your home decor AND your fragrance! Our Soy wax sprinkles emit up to 50% more fragrance and ...