Shiloh Gustafson

Shiloh Gustafson

Memphis, Tennessee - United States facebook
S-H-I-L-O-H thats how you spell my name. Not S-H-I-L-O or S-H-I-L-O-W. Just Shiloh. I like my name.

I like playin football, softball, baseball, hockey and other sports.

I love hangin out with my super cool funtastic friends: Catherine, Kelly, Ashley, Christin, Tory, Lexie, Alex, Zoe and Robbo (Cuz Hes Awesome)

I like acting alot. I like watching plays and being in them.I like movies and TV. I get mad when I miss my favorite shows for things but I get over it. :)

Reading is my FAVORITE hobby. I love it so much. If i get a moment of free time, I will most likely pull out a book and start reading.

I am very random. I often break out into song and dance out of no where. Or I will just start a completely random conversation on a completely random subject.

Favorite Actors: Alan Rickman, Gerard Butler, David Tennant (amazing hair), Hugh Laurie, William Peterson, Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Robb 'Robbo' Zelonky :)
Favorite Actresses: Emma Thompson, Julie Andrews, Jorja Fox, Emmy Rossum, Kate Winslet