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  1. Celebrity Bulls Fans

    Celebrity Bulls Fans

    Rodman. Pippen. Rose. And, of course, Jordan. The Chicago Bulls have boasted some of the best players in the NBA over the years. But the famous names aren't just ...
  2. Celebrity Cub Fans

    Celebrity Cub Fans

    Plenty of legends have grown up around the Chicago Cubs during the team's 140+ year history, and plenty of legends have attended their games during that time as ...
  3. Celebrity Fans of the Chicago Bears

    Celebrity Fans of the Chicago Bears

    The Chicago Bears are immortalized in pop culture thanks to classic Saturday Night Live sketches, but some of the fans are even more famous than the "Da ...
  4. Celebrity Red Wings Fans

    Celebrity Red Wings Fans

    There's a reason Detroit is also known as "Hockeytown." The Red Wings are one of the most popular franchises in the NHL, and the team's fans have been ...
  5. Celebrity Mavericks Fans

    Celebrity Mavericks Fans

    To call Mavs fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team has sold out hundreds of consecutive games over the past several seasons, giving the ...
  6. Celebrity Supersonic Fans

    Celebrity Supersonic Fans

    For over 40 years, fans flocked to downtown Seattle to cheer on the Supersonics. The NBA team boasted such luminaries as Shawn Kemp, Spencer Haywood, and Kevin ...
  7. Celebrity Clipper Fans

    Celebrity Clipper Fans

    Celebrity spotting is almost a professional sport in Los Angeles. Luckily, so is basketball, and the two go hand-in-hand at Los Angeles Clipper games. Scan the ...
  8. Celebrity Heat Fans

    Celebrity Heat Fans

    With rosters that have included Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Alonzo Mourning, and Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat has gained a reputation for attracting ...
  9. Celebrity Steeler Fans

    Celebrity Steeler Fans

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful teams in the NFL, having won more Super Bowl titles and hosted more conference championship games than any ...
  10. Celebrity Celtics Fans

    Celebrity Celtics Fans

    Be sure to pay attention the next time you're watching a Boston basketball game – you just might spy some celebrity Celtics fans cheering court side. These famous ...
  11. Celebrity Cowboy Fans

    Celebrity Cowboy Fans

    Although the football team calls Dallas home, the Cowboys are one of the most popular NFL teams nationwide. Their devoted fans ensure that games at AT&T ...
  12. Celebrity Rockets Fans

    Celebrity Rockets Fans

    When it comes to franchises with famous fans, the Houston Rockets blast straight to the top of the standings. Celebrity Rockets fans flock to the courtside seats ...
  13. Celebrity Warriors Fans

    Celebrity Warriors Fans

    No one would blame you for watching the stands as much as the court at a Golden State Warriors game. After all, the NBA team boasts tons of famous fans. You never ...
  14. Celebrity Kings Fans

    Celebrity Kings Fans

    The Kings call Los Angeles home, so you would expect to see stars amongst the team's fans. Celebrity Kings fans can often be found in the stands at the Staples ...
  15. Celebrity Patriot Fans

    Celebrity Patriot Fans

    The New England Patriots have some superstar football players on their roster, so it's no surprise that celebrity Patriot fans flock to their games as well. Scan ...
  16. Celebrity Tigers Fans

    Celebrity Tigers Fans

    The Tigers have played in Detroit since 1901, and are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in the American League. The team's rich history has ...
  17. Celebrity 76er Fans

    Celebrity 76er Fans

    The Philadelphia 76ers is one of the oldest – and most storied – franchises in the NBA. The team has hosted its fair share of superstar players over the years, ...
  18. Celebrity Piston Fans

    Celebrity Piston Fans

    Detroit sports teams boast scores of celebrity fans, and the Pistons are no exception. The courtside seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills have been filled by famous ...
  19. Celebrity Nets Fans

    Celebrity Nets Fans

    Bounce, swish – click? The sound of a camera shutter may become familiar if you go to a Brooklyn Nets game, where celebrity Nets fans line the stands and court ...
  20. Celebrity Dodger Fans

    Celebrity Dodger Fans

    Dodger Stadium sits at the heart of Los Angeles, the City of Angels – and superstars. So it's no surprise that celebrity Dodger fans number among the attendees at ...
  21. Celebrity Packer Fans

    Celebrity Packer Fans

    It's easy to spot a Green Bay Packers fan – just look for the signature cheesehead hat. But look under the foam wedge, and you might spot a famous face. The ...
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