Stacy Pratt

Stacy Pratt

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Mvskoke (Creek). Reader of obscure memoirs, saints' lives, and epic poetry. Into literature, art, circus history, Niagara Falls, ballerinas, old dolls, and miraculous occurrences. Writes about indigenous art, interesting women, and space travel. Has a doctorate in English from the University of Southern Mississippi and used to be a professor. Now a contributing writer for Hello Giggles and a freelancer who is happiest when her writing appears in First American Art Magazine. Also a singer/songwriter who plays in coffee shops, the servant of two small dogs, and the wife of a soldier. Large. Contains multitudes.

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  1. The History Of Indigenous Mounds In America

    The History Of Indigenous Mounds In America

    Long before Europeans arrived in the land that would become America, the ancestors of today's indigenous people built and maintained thriving communities.