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  1. The Top 10 Anime Suicides

    The Top 10 Anime Suicides

    Warning this list can spoil you on the following animes: Dragon Ball, Naruto, K Project, Sonic X, YuYu Hakusho and Code Geass! Enjoy!
  2. +vote The Best Animes Ever

    The Best Animes Ever

    152 votes
    Please vote for your favorite anime! This list gathers the best animes of all time!
  3. Strongest Anime Characters

    Strongest Anime Characters

    This is the list of who I think are the Strongest Anime Characters! (Sonic is in here because Sonic X was an actual anime) Do not think I put my favorite ...
  4. +vote Most Badass Tv Show Character

    Most Badass Tv Show Character

    54 votes
    Characters from: -Walking Dead -Game of Thrones -Arrow -The Flash -The Mentalist