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  1. +vote The Best Movie Series

    The Best Movie Series

    130 votes
    This is a list that I came up with for all of my favorite Movie Series
  2. +vote The Best Book Series

    The Best Book Series

    262 votes
    This are my favorite books series that I have read and going to read
  3. +vote The Best TV Series

    The Best TV Series

    83 votes
    This is a list I came up with for my favorite TV Shows
  4. +vote My Favorite Movies

    My Favorite Movies

    42 votes
  5. +vote The Best Shark Movies

    The Best Shark Movies

    84 votes
    This is a list of the best Shark Movies
  6. +vote Favorite Books

    Favorite Books

    82 votes
    These are some of my favorite books that I have read or are going to read.