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H2bid.com is an international clearinghouse for water utility contract opportunities. Bids, tenders, and requests for proposal from all over the world are posted daily. H2bid.com exclusively focuses on providing leads for companies seeking water utility contracts. Use H2bid.com to search hundreds of water utility bid opportunities.
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  1. +vote Seawater Desalination Proposals

    Seawater Desalination Proposals

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    Vendors and service providers in the water industry can visit the online portal H2bid.com for the latest open Seawater Desalination Proposals and water utility ...
  2. +vote Sewage Treatment Tenders

    Sewage Treatment Tenders

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    The advanced or tertiary water treatment process involves getting an affluent that is almost good enough for drinking. Such a process may involve advanced ...
  3. +vote Water Project Bids

    Water Project Bids

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  4. +vote Desalination Tenders

    Desalination Tenders

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    The tendering process begins with a request for proposal. Initial government contract bids and tender information pertaining to jobs in the water and wastewater ...
  5. +vote Water Utilities Contracts

    Water Utilities Contracts

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    To find SCADA tenders in USA in the water industry, service providers might want to visit H2bid.com. An online portal catering exclusively to the water industry, ...
  6. +vote Wastewater Contracts

    Wastewater Contracts

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    The water industry can take comfort in the fact that both, vendors as well as the water utility companies can share a common platform at H2bid.com. It is a portal ...
  7. Wastewater Bid

    Wastewater Bid

  8. +vote Dam Construction Contracts

    Dam Construction Contracts

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    The largest database of government Dam Construction contracts and open bids in the water industry is available with H2bid. As water utilities post new projects for ...
  9. +vote Wastewater Bid

    Wastewater Bid

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  10. +vote Seawater Desalination Proposals

    Seawater Desalination Proposals

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