Abeer Almadawy

Abeer Almadawy is an Egyptian novelist, writer and journalist. Abeer Almadawy was born in Alexandria city in Egypt, on April 1, 1970. She belongs to her father Ra fat Almadawy Yousef Albasuney and her mother Nae-ma Hantch, it said that the mother had deep Irish roots. She has one elder sister called Sohir Almadawy. At age 10, Abeer Almadawy Abeer Almadawy had moved to the industrial city Al-Mahala Al-Kubra El-Mahalla El-Kubra, where her father's family live and there she grew and showed up her writing talent.Abeer Almadawy wanted to study journalism initially, but her father insisted to be a teacher,that she did. She joined the Arts and Education College and took license of English ... more on Wikipedia

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