An American Haunting
Directed by
Courtney Solomon
Produced by
Andre Rouleau
Courtney Solomon
Christopher Milburn
Screenplay by
Courtney Solomon
Donald Sutherland
Sissy Spacek
Rachel Hurd-Wood
James D'Arcy
Vernon Dobtcheff
Gaye Brown
Matthew Marsh
Courtney Solomon
Shauna Shim
Miquel Brown
Sam Alexander
Howard Rosenstein
Andrei Șerban
Susan Almgren
Thom Fell
Philip Hurd-Wood
Zoe Thorne
Madalina Stan
Lila Bata-Walsh
Alin Rosca
Vlad Cruceru
Isabelle Almgren-Doré
Netflix Genre
Supernatural Horror
Supernatural Thrillers
Netflix Format
DVD and streaming
Genres (Film)

An American Haunting

An American Haunting is a 2005 horror film written and directed by Courtney Solomon. It stars Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, James D'Arcy, and Rachel Hurd-Wood. The film was previewed at the AFI Film Festival on November 5, 2005 and was released in the UK on April 14, 2006 with follow-up in US theaters on May 5. The film is an international co-production between the United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, and the United States. The film is based on the novel The Bell Witch: An American ... more on Wikipedia

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