Arnold Savage

Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing, Kent was the English Speaker of the House of Commons from 1400 to 1402 and then again from 1403 to 1404 and a Knight of the Shire of Kent who was referred to as "the great comprehensive symbol of the English people". He was born in Bobbing, Kent, the son and heir of Sir Arnold Savage. Who died in 1374. He was appointed Sheriff of Kent for 1382 and 1386 and knighted in 1385. He was elected knight of the shire for Kent in 1390, 1391, 1401, 1402 and 1404, being elected speaker twice. He was constable of Queenborough castle from 1393 to 1396 and deputy constable of Dover castle. He was a member of the council of Henry IV from 1402 to 1406. On his ... more on Wikipedia

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