Barbara Berjer

Barbara Berjer (June 12, 1920 – October 20, 2002) was an American actress from Seattle, Washington. She was born Barbara Berger, but her surname was often mispronounced as "burger", so she changed it to "Berjer".Among her many soap opera credits were her long-term roles as alcoholic actress Lynn Franklin on From These Roots (1958–1961); the fourth Claire English Lowell Cassen Shea (Ellen Stewart's mother) on As the World Turns (1965–1971); Barbara Norris Thorpe (replacing Augusta Dabney) on Guiding Light (1971–1981; she reprised the role for a few episodes in 1989, and on a recurring basis from 1995 to 1996); and Scottish nanny Bridget Connell on Another World ... more on Wikipedia

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