Blazing Saddles
Directed by
Mel Brooks
Never give a saga an even break!
Produced by
Michael Hertzberg
Screenplay by
Andrew Bergman
Mel Brooks
Norman Steinberg
Alan Uger
Richard Pryor
Mel Brooks
Gene Wilder
Anne Bancroft
Madeline Kahn
Alex Karras
Dom DeLuise
Harvey Korman
Count Basie
Slim Pickens
Cleavon Little
Sally Kirkland
Richard Farnsworth
John Hillerman
Robert Ridgely
George Furth
Patrick Labyorteaux
Robyn Hilton
David Huddleston
Liam Dunn
Hal Needham
Aneta Corsaut
David Sharpe
Jack Starrett
Carol Arthur
Burton Gilliam
Chuck Hayward
George Sawaya
Dick Crockett
John Furlong
Hank Robinson
Boyd Morgan
Bill Zuckert
Cecil Gold
Almeteer LaFrance
Eddie Smith
Bill Catching
Beans Morocco
Ralph Manza
David Cadiente
Harvey Parry
Wally Rose
John Alderson
Ira Miller
Tony Regan
Don Megowan
Richard Collier
Tom Steele
Ben Frommer
Fred Scheiwiller
Kenny Endoso
Jack Perkins
Jerry Summers
Darrell Sandeen
Frankie Van
Charles McGregor
Rodney Allen Rippy
Karl Lukas
Rod McGaughy
Seamon Glass
Abel Franco
Donald Chaffin
George Dockstader
Rick Garcia
Danny Sands
Jerry Brown
Herman Boden
Troy Melton
Clyde McLeod
Alex Brown
Big Black
Joe Yrigoyen
Bert May
Jerry Trent
Bill McIntosh
Richard Monahan
Patrick Campbell
Don Ames
Alan Peterson
Ross Dollarhyde
Jessamine Milner
Janice Whitby
Jack Lilley
Tim Sullivan
Eldon Burke
Jimmy Martinez
Elly Enriquez
Craig Littler
George Tracy
Tex Lambert
Daniel Núñez
David Armstrong
Jay Loft-Lyn
Ray Chabeau
Stewart East
Fred McDougall
Lisa Summers
Rosemary Johnston
Tom Pittman
Al Ward
Tom Anfinsen
Hobert Durham Jr.
Kal Isaacs
Marrietta Schmidt
Bert Madrid
Booty Reed
Robert Hitchcock
Pinocchio Roy Wilson
Madge Journeay
Richard Vitagliano
Alfred DeSio
Billy Akins
M.J. Kane
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Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles is a 1974 satirical Western comedy film directed by Mel Brooks. Starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, the film was written by Brooks, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Norman Steinberg, and Al Uger, and was based on Bergman's story and draft. The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards, and is ranked No. 6 on the American Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Laughs list. Brooks appears in two supporting roles, Governor William J. Le Petomane and a Yiddish-speaking Indian ... more on Wikipedia

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