Buffalo, NY (taped 6/6/00)

1. Chris Jericho d. Test in a King Of The Ring Qualifier 2. WWF tag Team champions Too Cool d. Godfather & Dean Malenko 3. WWF Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit d. Jeff Hardy 4. The Dudley Boyz d. Kurt Angle & Edge & Christian 5. Lita won a Women's Battle Royal over Kat, Terri, Ivory, and Jacqueline 6. WWF Women's champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley d. Lita 7. Eddie Guerrero over Matt Hardy in a King Of The Ring Qualifier. 8. Rikishi d. Val Venis via DQ 9. Kane & Undertaker & The Rock d. Triple H & Road Dog & X-Pac

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