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Cara Wakelin

Cara Wakelin

Cara Wakelin is an Actress

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#17 of 119 Hottest Playboy Playmate Of The 1990s 15.5k votes
The Best Pornstar/Adult Models 269.5k views
The Hottest Playboy Playmates of All Time 2.4k views
#60 of 175 175 Sexiest Playboy Playmates of All Time 4.4k votes
The Hottest Playboy Playmates of All Time 2.8k views
#48 of 205 Hottest Women To Appear on Entourage 1.5k votes
Sexiest Female Celebrities 1.5k views Self explanatory.  This list will continue to grow.
#30 of 50 Sexiest Playboy Girl 1.6k votes Which model or actress you think is most sexiest on playboy cover. I think all of them :)

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