Christophe-Alphonse Geoffrion

Christophe-Alphonse Geoffrion, PC was a Canadian lawyer, professor, and politician. Born in Varennes, Canada East, the son of Félix Geoffrion and Catherine Brodeur, he was the brother of Félix Geoffrion, a notary and politician. He graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law degree from McGill College in 1866 and was called to the bar in 1866. A practicing lawyer, he also taught at McGill. When he brother died in 1894, he was acclaimed in the resulting 1895 by-election in the riding of Verchères. From 1896 to 1899, he was a Minister without Portfolio in the cabinet of Wilfrid Laurier. He died while in office in 1899. His brother, Victor Geoffrion was acclaimed to the ... more on Wikipedia

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