CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
TV Program
Laurence Fishburne
Marg Helgenberger
George Eads
Gil Grissom
Sara Sidle
Catherine Willows
Warrick Brown
Nick Stokes
Greg Sanders
David Hodges
David Phillips
D.B. Russell
Julie Finlay
Al Robbins
Jim Brass
Henry Andrews
Morgan Brody
Joyce Dempsey
Haley Jones
Convention Attendee
Mandy Cooper
Anthony E. Zuiker
Ann Donahue
Number of Episodes
Bernie Laramie
Nicholas Fuentes
Jerry Bruckheimer
Judith McCreary
David Weddle
Jonathan Littman
Andrew Dettmann
Sam Strangis
Corinne Marrinan
Kim Cybulski
Frank Ballou
Joe Pokaski
Carlos M. Marimon
Kenneth Fink
Christopher Barbour
David Rambo
Richard J. Lewis
Chip Vucelich
Marlane Meyer
Philip Conserva
Douglas Petrie
Steven Felder
Evan Dunsky
Rick Eid
Peter Dunne
Treena Hancock
William Petersen
Elizabeth Devine
Henry Alonso Myers
Tom Mularz
Ron Mitchell
Ann Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Louis Shaw Milito
Brad Tanenbaum
Jacqueline Hoyt
Suzanne 'Q.' Reed
Bruce Golin
Allen MacDonald
Jeff Diaz
Alec Smight
Frank Waldeck
Anthony E. Zuiker
Eli Talbert
Sarah Goldfinger
James C. Hart
Scott Shiffman
Josh Berman
Danny Cannon
Don McGill
Bradley Thompson
Naren Shankar
Dustin Lee Abraham
Andrew Lipsitz
Richard Catalani
Cynthia Chvatal
Gavin Harris
Melissa R. Byer
Crime Fiction
Police procedural
Live action
Melinda Clarke
Number of Seasons

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 2000) is an American crime drama television series created by Anthony E. Zuiker. The series follows Las Vegas CSIs working for the Las Vegas Police Department as they use physical evidence to solve cases, which has inspired a host of other cop-show "procedurals". The series mixes deduction, gritty subject matter, and character-driven drama. ... more on Wikipedia

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