Doctor Zhivago
Directed by
David Lean
A Love Caught in the Fire of Revolution.
Turbulent were the times and fire was the love story of Zhivago
his wife and the passionate
tender Lara.
Produced by
Carlo Ponti
Screenplay by
Robert Bolt
Omar Sharif
Julie Christie
Alec Guinness
Rod Steiger
Klaus Kinski
Geraldine Chaplin
Tom Courtenay
Ralph Richardson
Ingrid Pitt
Geoffrey Keen
Aldo Sambrell
Adrienne Corri
Rita Tushingham
Robert Rietti
Siobhán McKenna
Bernard Kay
Jack MacGowran
Peter Madden
Noel Willman
Ricardo Palacios
Víctor Israel
Erik Chitty
Gérard Tichy
José María Caffarel
Leo Lähteenmäki
Mark Eden
Gwen Nelson
Virgilio Teixeira
José Nieto
Tarek Sharif
María Martín
Luana Alcañiz
Wolf Frees
Inigo Jackson
Roger Maxwell
María Vico
Jeffrey Rockland
Lili Murati
Pilar Gómez Ferrer
Assad Bahador
Emilio Carrer
Lucy Westmore
Gerhard Jersch
Brigitte Trace
Jari Jolkkonen
Mercedes Ruiz
Catherine Ellison
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PG-13 (USA)
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Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago is a British-American 1965 epic drama–romance film directed by David Lean, starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie. It is set in Russia between the years prior to WWI, and is based on the Boris Pasternak novel of the same name, immensely popular in the West, but banned in the Soviet Union at the time. For this reason, the film could not be made there and was instead filmed mostly in Spain. The critics were generally disappointed, complaining of its length at over three ... more on Wikipedia

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