Fraternity Vacation
Directed by
James Frawley
Astronomy major Wendell Tvedt has studied galaxies
charted planets and pondered the universe. But in Palm Springs
he'll encounter his first full moon.
Produced by
Larry A. Thompson
Tim Robbins
Britt Ekland
Sheree J. Wilson
Barbara Crampton
John Vernon
Amanda Bearse
Leigh McCloskey
Kathleen Kinmont
Matt McCoy
Nita Talbot
Cameron Dye
Stephen Geoffreys
Genres (Film)
Romance Film
Teen film
Sex comedy
Romantic comedy

Fraternity Vacation

Fraternity Vacation is a 1985 low-budget American sex comedy starring Stephen Geoffreys as a nerdy pledge to the Theta Pi Gamma fraternity at Iowa State, with Tim Robbins and Cameron Dye as Theta Pi Gamma frat boys. On spring break in Palm Springs, California, several boys compete for the affections of a sophisticated co-ed, played by Sheree J. Wilson. ... more on Wikipedia

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