Frederik Pohl
Awards Won
Eaton Award for Lifetime Achievement in Science Fiction
John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service
Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Locus Award for Best Novel
Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award
Hugo Award for Best Novel
Nebula Award for Best Novel
Edward E. Smith Memorial Award
National Book Award for Science Fiction
Brooklyn Technical High School
Dec. at 94 (1919-2013)
Series Written
Science Fiction Special
Space Merchants
Saga of Cuckoo
Starchild Trilogy
Undersea Trilogy
The Crow
Jim Eden
NESFA Indexes
Works Written
Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
Man Plus
The Best of SF Commentary
The Merchants' War
Narabedla Ltd.
The expert dreamers
The Gateway Trip: Tales and Vignettes
Bland Beginning
Pebble in the Sky
Just for the Bride
The Owl and the Pussycat
Galaxy Magazine
February 1960
The Space Merchants
When the People Fell
Our Angry Earth
A Murder of Crows
Science Fiction Special 23
Science Fiction Special 35
The Reign of George VI 1900-1925
Frankenstein / Dracula / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine
October 1958
Myths & Magic: The Complete Fantasy Reference
The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference
The Voyages of Sindbad
Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042
The Last Theorem
Day Million
Wall Around a Star
Platinum Pohl
Star Science Fiction Stories No.1
The Wonder Effect
The Starchild Trilogy
Preferred Risk
The Saga of Cuckoo
Before the Universe
Lands End-Cn
Search the Sky
Heechee Rendezvous
A Plague of Pythons
The Cool War
The Far Shore of Time
Farthest Star
Stopping at Slowyear
The Age of the Pussyfoot
The Coming of the Quantum Cats
The World at the End of Time
Drunkard's Walk
Undersea City
The Case Against Tomorrow
Star Science Fiction Stories No.3
The Day After the Day the Martians Came
Turn Left at Thursday
Pendulum / Nick the Click / Believed Violent
Tarzan and the Lost Safari
The Years of the City
Slave Ship
Mining the Oort
Digits and Dastards
The Abominable Earthman
The Voices of Heaven
Tomorrow Times Seven
Planets Three
The Merchants of Venus
Alternating Currents
This Is My Best
The Man Who Ate the World
Midas World
The Siege of Eternity
The Boy Who Would Live Forever
The Survival Kit
Outnumbering the Dead
The Eschaton Sequence
Vulcan Reflections
The NESFA Index to Perry Rhodan
American Edition 1-25
The Annals of the Heechee
La Guerra de Los Mercaderes
The Way the Future Was
Plus de vifs que de morts
The Second IF Reader of Science Fiction
Les annales de la cité
Star fourteen
Case Aganist Tomorrow
A travers la grande porte
Great Science Fiction Series
The SFWA Grand Masters
Volume 1
Presidential year
Los Anales de Los Heechees
Chasing Science: Science as Spectator Sport
Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction
Early Pohl
Practical Politics 1972
IF Worlds of Science Fiction
October 1966
Mars plus
Les gogos contre-attaquent
The Other End of Time
L'avènement des chats quantiques
The Eighth Galaxy Reader
Star of stars
Age Of/pussy Foot
Tales from the Planet Earth
Assignment in Tomorrow
Undersea Fleet
Undersea Quest
Rogue Star
The Reefs of Space
The Meeting
Fermi and Frost
Under Two Moons
Growing Up in Edge City
Shaffery Among the Immortals
The Gold at the Starbow's End
Saga of Cuckoo
The Greening of Bed-Stuy
Mars Masked
Critical Mass
In the Problem Pit
Servant of the People
The Tunnel Under the World
New York City
New York
United States of America
United States of America
Literary agent
Nominated For
Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist
Nebula Award for Best Short Story
Locus Award for Best Short Story
Nebula Award for Best Novella
Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
Locus Award for Best Non-Fiction
Locus Award for Best Collection
Hugo Award for Best Novella
Locus Award for Best Anthology
National Book Award for Science Fiction (Hardcover)
Locus Award for Best Novel
Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Hugo Award for Best Novel
Nebula Award for Best Novel

Frederik Pohl

Frederik George Pohl Jr. (; November 26, 1919 – September 2, 2013) was an American science-fiction writer, editor, and fan, with a career spanning more than 75 years—from his first published work, the 1937 poem "Elegy to a Dead Satellite: Luna", to the 2011 novel All the Lives He Led and articles and essays published in 2012.From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy and its sister magazine If; the latter won three successive annual Hugo Awards as the year's best professional ... more on Wikipedia


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