Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Kenneth S. Deffeyes is a geologist who worked with M. King Hubbert, the creator of the Hubbert peak theory, at the Shell Oil Company research laboratory in Houston, Texas. Deffeyes holds a B.S. in petroleum geology from the Colorado School of Mines and a Ph.D. in geology from Princeton University, studying under F.B. van Houten. In 1967 he began teaching at Princeton, where he is now professor emeritus. He claims Chickasaw ancestry. "Deffeyes is a big man with a tenured waistline. His hair flies behind him like Ludwig van Beethoven. He lecture in sneakers. His voice is syllabic, elocutionary, operatic. ... His surname rhymes with 'the maze.' "—John Mcphee, Basin and Range In ... more on Wikipedia

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