Lassie Come Home
Directed by
Fred M. Wilcox
Produced by
Dore Schary
Samuel Marx
Screenplay by
Hugo Butler
Elizabeth Taylor
Roddy McDowall
Elsa Lanchester
Alan Napier
Edmund Gwenn
Donald Crisp
J. Pat O'Malley
May Whitty
Nigel Bruce
Arthur Shields
Charles Irwin
Nelson Leigh
Howard Davies
Alec Craig
John Rogers
Ben Webster
George Broughton
May Beatty
Sherlee Collier
Janet Littlewood
John Power
Hugh Harrison
Roy Parry
Netflix Rating
Netflix Genre
Children & Family
Family Classics
Animal Tales
Family Dramas
Book Characters
Ages 5-7
Ages 8-10
Netflix Format
Genres (Film)
Adventure Film
Son of Lassie

Lassie Come Home

Lassie Come Home is a 1943 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Technicolor feature film starring Roddy McDowall and canine actor, Pal, in a story about the profound bond between Yorkshire boy Joe Carraclough and his rough collie, Lassie. The film was directed by Fred M. Wilcox from a screenplay by Hugo Butler based upon the 1940 novel Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight. The film was the first in a series of seven MGM films starring "Lassie." The original film saw a sequel, Son of Lassie in 1945 ... more on Wikipedia

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