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Morgana Lefay

Morgana Lefay is a power/thrash metal band from Bollnäs in Sweden. It is named after Morgan Le Fay of the Arthurian cycle. They independently released their first album, Symphony of the Damned, in 1990. The success of Damned allowed the band to tour and eventually landed them with Black Mark records. In May 2006, drummer Robin Engström left the band because of 'personal differences'. Later that month, Pelle Åkerlind became the new permanent drummer. In late August 2006 the band went into Studio Soundcreation to record a new album, it was released on March 19, 2007. It was the first album with Åkerlind on drums. In 1997, Morgana Lefay split up. Persson, Heder and ... more on Wikipedia

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