Olha Korobka

Olha Korobka is a female Ukrainian weightlifter who was European record holder in the snatch with 133 kg, and in the clean and jerk with 164 kg. She ranked 7th in the women's over 75 kg category at the 2004 Summer Olympics. On April 18, 2008, Korobka won her third straight European championship overall title in the women's over 75 kg category by lifting 277 kg in total. At the 2008 Summer Olympics she won the silver medal in the +75 kg category, with a total of 277 kg. At a height of 1.81m and a weight of 167 kg, she was the heaviest female competitor at the Games. Ms. Korobka won silver medal as superweight in the 2010 European Championship, at an amazing bodyweight of 170 kg.. That ... more on Wikipedia

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