Pearce Quigley

Pearce Quigley is an English actor of the stage and screen. His theatre credits include The Seagull; Paul; Journey's End; My Night with Reg and Dealer's Choice; Feelgood; Blue Heart; Shopping and Fucking; The Queen and I - The Royals Down Under; Rat in the Skull; The Queen and I; Road; Der Neue Menoza; Rope; A Jovial Crew; The Winter's Tale; The Merry Wives of Windsor; The Changeling; Abingdon Square; The Taming of the Shrew etc. On television, he has appeared in Queer As Folk, Prime Suspect, New Tricks, The Virgin Queen, Inspector Morse, Cutting It, Happiness, Lead Balloon as well as other roles. He has also worked in film. 12 October 2008, he appeared as the dog trainer in Peter ... more on Wikipedia

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